Nifty World of Warcraft Bits

I'm Fin.

My homepage has a bunch of random stuff added mostly at the times when work became too boring. You probably won't find any of it interesting.


  • aceupdates - recent wowace SVN updates logs

  • wowmods
    - recent updates to addons on all major sites (curse, ui, wowace, and wowi)
    - new addons clearly highlighted, with optional removal of normal updates
    - details about each addon listed in the db
    - single search that searches addons listed on all sites

  • addons - addons and related
  • bits - random stuff
  • ban - woo
  • coa
  • guilds - database of guilds - submit yours!
  • looty - Lovely Looty, our Luscious Lady of Loot (guild bank interface)
  • lua (simple LUA var -> PHP var thing)
  • maps
  • movies

  • people - 669 pictures and counting (send in a photo of yourself and I'll give you a password)

  • shots - they're all crap



Stormrage-EU and other bits: